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cognitive biases


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Title: Cognitive Bias #3, the availability bias


This project consists of 2 academic components.

First: cognitive biases

The decision making traps that afflict all of us as we try to make choices. Cognitive biases include such judgement errors as the sunk-cost trap and the confirmation bias.

Second: skilling, deskilling and reskilling

The industrial revolution changed the way that artists work. The focus of the process of production shifted from the act of making to the act of choosing.


‘a visual arrangement’ that seeks form as a composition of blox


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Title: bloxBuild #5


how to interact with a bloxBuild

Change is a fundamental element of a bloxBuild and occurs through audience/user participation.

A bloxBuild has a flexible structural architecture.

This flexibility allows for the rearrangement of a finite set of elements. The process of rearrangement, or ‘versioning’, is an essential characteristic of a bloxBuild.

A bloxBuild is easy to work with.

blox use the hooks and loops of Velcro to connect together. The coupling of blox creates a composition... a bloxBuild.