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All great works are born from the synthesis generated by the tension

between the entrepreneurial vision, the pragmatism of management and technical expertise.

simplyMuzing is about the action of organizing,

begining with the question,

"what does it mean to act and speak organizationally?"

"...philosophy may well have drawn some of its most important concepts from the organizing act." Bruno Latour

simplyMuzing is about risk taking and bringing an idea from the initial incubation and testing phase to the commercial one

Cultural entrepreneurs:

  • create a type of social arrangement, a gathering of people that express ideas and create economic value through the pursuit of collective goals.
  • catalyze and enable experimental as well as challenging practices of contemporary cultural processes.
  • have a knowledge and sensitivity to the arts and the creative process, which enables them to bridge the gap between the arts and the market.

Arts entrepreneurship is a visionary, strategic, innovative and social activity

promoting both innovation and the preservation of culture