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simplyMuzing is about engaging with expanding ideas of what art is and how it can be experienced.

Art, in the traditional realm, is a commodity that must pretend to a universality.

simplyMuzing places a higher value on mimetic or analogical thinking, as opposed to paradigmatic thinking, which has reined supreme in Art.
simplyMuzing encourages the inauguration of a less exclusive and more fruitful channel for interpreting the products of human culture.
Novel ways of interpretating the world are conveyed through the use of texts, sounds and images.

simplyMuzing combines the capacity for generating authentic thoughts with imagination.

The fundamental function of Art is to alter mental patterns, making authentic original thought possible.

Jean DuBuffet

simplyMuzing takes a broader view of the process of production, distribution and consumption of cultural goods and services.

Arts entrepreneurship is an economic as well as a sociocultural activity, based on innovations, exploitation of opportunities and risk-taking behavior. It is a visionary strategic innovative social adventure.