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committed to innovation and cultural entrepreneurship

imageObjects exist as a class of ideal things,

as Chair refers to a general class that gives rise to specific instances of chairs; office, kitchen, recliner or rocking chairs.

imageObject is a classification,

a way of naming a hybrid product, that is the result of a cross pollination of painting with sculpture.

imageObjects are about change, the only constant in life

... imageObjects ?

Things with signifiers?

To inscribe an image upon an object is to impart a personality to it...

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Think of an imageObject as a pictorial object for it is not an easel painting. imageObjects simultaneously reveal and conceal.
Think of an imageObject as a particular kind of event. At this event, we are able to shift between seeing the object/thing and the subject/signifier.
Two general questions are raised: First, what is it to originate, create or invent something? And second, how we invest ourselves as embodied subjects in those works we originate, create or invent.

Title: untitled 2013